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Welcome to Mahon Crane Hire & Transport Ltd.

mahon crane hire - about us

David and Peter Mahon were born in Caragh, Co. Kildare, raised on a small farm, they grew up around machinery and plant and were driving from a very young age. David went on to become a welder and worked for a while manufacturing road haulage trailers, while Peter became a motor mechanic and served his time with Renault. They both decided to start a company together in 2004 and initially started in Agricultural and natural fuel haulage in Kildare and surrounding counties. They progressed into Golf course construction for a period and eventually into Road Haulage, where they now specialise.

Starting out with just 2 trucks and trailers, they have built their fleet with customer needs in mind and now employ over 25 people. They have built up a reputation for quality and service in heavy haulage and crane hire. This was all done during a recession that nearly crippled a country, showing the strength and determination of both these men.



mahon crane hire about us sponsorshipDavid and Peter understand the haulage and crane hire industry and are constantly updating their skills and fleet to ensure the efficient running of their business. They attack each job with a competency and efficiency second to none and obstacles are there to be got around. Both men are professional drivers and crane operators and like to keep their feet on the ground. They work alongside our staff on a regular basis to ensure that standards are being maintained and that customer satisfaction remains high.